6 Things to Consider When Selecting A Vertical Rack Provider

The vertical farming industry is growing every day.

Grand View Research estimates that the global vertical farming product market will grow by 25.7% by 2027. For cannabis cultivation, mobile vertical racks are a vital tool for a successful growth system and can increase both yields and annual revenue.

When selecting a vertical rack provider, there are six things that you MUST first consider...

#1: Dedication

Are they committed? This is a question that needs to be considered immediately. A large investment of time and money is made when building and designing a facility plan and all the elements that make up a system. Mobile vertical rack system technology is newer to the industry and is growing rapidly. Because of this growth, there are companies that have cut corners in order to get to the market faster. This can result in mobile vertical racks that are untested and undeveloped, all to capitalize on this dynamic market at your expense.

A provider needs to show commitment to the industry and it starts with providing value. This means producing and delivering quality products, service, installation, R&D, and innovation

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The Industry Leading Provider of Mobile Vertical Grow Racks

Our mobile vertical grow racks and Greenhaus grow tray systems allow cultivators to maximize space in cultivation production and post-harvest processing facilities. Implementing our mobile cultivation racks will increase production by maximizing the cubic canopy footprint without increasing the square footprint of the room or building. Vertical farming maximizes production capability, reduces operating costs, and increases overall revenue per square foot by as much as 3 times.

Pipp’s mobile vertical farming racks can be built up to 56’ long and 16’ high (systems larger require engineering approval). Pipp Horticulture has a team of in-house professional engineers, CAD designers, sales support, and experienced cannabis operators to provide partners with unparalleled support before and after equipment installation to ensure operational success. Pipp Horticulture, Greenhaus Industries, and Vertical Air Solutions are leaders in designing innovative solutions for the horticulture industry and have been awarded several U.S. patents for their technological innovations.

Pipp Horticulture also offers professional installation across North America and all products are proudly made in the USA!

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