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quotation_marks_icon copy-1We did not want to cut any corners when it came to any of the equipment in our facility, so we went with the Pipp Mobile racking. It's got the anti-microbial paint on it and it's top of the line - very purpose-built, specifically for this application quotation_marks_icon copy-2 

- Jeremey Schecter, Cultivation Director, Buckeye Relief

What are some of today's most progressive growers doing to make the most of their facilities?
They are taking a multi-phase approach!

If Multi-Level Mobile Grow Racks are not an option initially, they are starting off with Single-Level Mobile Grow Racks that are

pre-equipped to convert to Multi-Level in Phase 2!

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Expand the canopy as the business grows with minimal disruption to operations

Ensure a high level of biosecurity for an inside facility

Maximize the canopy in a set amount of square footage




Buckeye Relief wanted to achieve several goals. They wanted a system that they could expand as their staff learned to work with growing cannabis and as the market grows.

They wanted a system that would maximize the amount of canopy space they have available to them. They wanted to be able to achieve this with minimal additional construction and disruption to their crops. Pipp Horticulture worked with Buckeye Relief to design a mobile vertical racking system that would start with a single level and have everything already in place to add an additional level of trays once they are ready to expand. Their racking is equipped with all of the other necessary multi-level configuration components, like irrigation and lighting, making it ready for the phase 2 second level build-out.




Pipp Horticulture provided Buckeye Relief with a racking system that beautifully accommodates their two-phase plan. They are starting off with a single level, mobile grow rack system equipped with our patent-pending Drip-To Drain Trays. This system is pre-equipped to convert to a multi-level mobile cultivation system. Their single-level setup already maximizes floor space by using our Mechanical-Assist Mobile Carriages, which eliminate fixed aisles and create a single movable aisle, and once Buckeye Relief is ready to add their second level, they will be able to double their canopy space with little to no additional construction.




Designed to start with a single level; ready for fast and easy addition of a second level at any time

Minimize bio-security risks with fungal-resistant and anti-microbial powder coated aluminum

Maximize potential canopy size within a static amount of square footage

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