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quotation_marks_icon copy-1Pipp Mobile has enabled us to have a highly efficient, durable, multi-layered platform. The carriages make all parts of the garden easily accessible and are almost effortless to move.quotation_marks_icon copy-2

- James Cunningham, Fog City Farms

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Greater output per square footage

Move aisles for better workflow

Grow vertically to maximize space



Our team of in-house designers, engineers, and experienced cultivation experts designed a mobile cultivation system that integrated with the other components necessary for successful operation, like lighting, airflow, irrigation and drainage systems.



Pipp provided multi-level mobile grow racks with our patent pending Drip-To-Drain Trays with HDPE inserts. The movable racks eliminated fixed aisles and provided a second grow level. The Drip-To-Drain Trays feature a fully integrated drain system, minimize labor time and expense, improve access to plants, and are designed for lifetime use. Our Mobile Vertical Grow Rack System ultimately tripled their canopy space while improving access and minimizing labor burden



Achieved a more sustainable and environmentally conscious platform

Higher yield with less overhead costs

Increased efficiency and streamlined workflow

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