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quotation_marks_icon copy-1We chose to go Multi-Level & Mobile with Pipp as a cost-effective, easy and a fast way to increase our yields. quotation_marks_icon copy-2 

- Bill Parker, CEO, LeafLine Labs

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prepare for increase in demand for high quality medicinal cannabis

wasting significant volumes of vertical space

convert from traditional HPS single-level canopy design




LeafLine wanted to increase cultivation capacity within their current facility in order to meet the growing local market demands. They quickly realized that converting to mobile, multi-level vertical growing systems would increase their canopy space in each flower room.  However, manufacturing lead-time, room conversion from HPS to Mobile Multi-Level LED and impact to current production and harvest cycles needed to be considered and thoughtfully planned to minimize disruption. After careful consideration and review, Pipp Horticulture was selected by LeafLine Labs as their vendor because of our system design, fast manufacturing lead-times, installation services and in-house cannabis cultivation expertise – delivering a true comprehensive solution.




Pipp Horticulture provided LeafLine Labs with our double tier, high-density Mobile Vertical Grow Rack Systems with our patent-pending Drip-to-Drain Trays with HDPE Inserts. We worked closely with LeafLine Lab’s construction and electrician teams to ensure a smooth, speedy and successful installation. The implementation our mobile cultivation systems resulted in an impressive 140% increase in canopy space producing less radiant heat, minimizing evaporation and requiring less water.  


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