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quotation_marks_icon copy-1Pipp has been an absolute blessing, they're the most reliable, and have more than doubled our grow space.

- Hunter Mishler, Director of Production Science

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Move aisles for better workflow and use every square foot possible to grow vertically

Grow ASAP for their 3 buildings to be operational

Higher yield and Return on Investment



Our team of in-house designers, engineers, and experienced cultivation experts designed a mobile cultivation system that integrated with the other components necessary for successful operation, like lighting, airflow, irrigation and drainage systems.



Pipp provided 2-tier movable grow racks in each of their veg and clone rooms, more than doubling their canopy space. Pipp also found space to provide movable drying racks with 3 levels of dry products per movable rack.



Higher yield with less overhead costs

Increased efficiency and streamlined workflow

Achieved a more sustainable and environmentally conscious platform




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